IRICO Group New Energy Co., Ltd.


It is a holding subsidiary of Rainbow Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2004 (stock code: HK0438). It specializes in the research and development, production and sales of new energy photovoltaic glass.

Based on the world's leading photovoltaic glass furnace key technology, the company has joined hands with well-known universities and research institutes to establish an integration of production, education, research and application around the cutting-edge technology of photovoltaic glass thinning, large-scale, BIPV, special functional materials, and intelligent equipment. To develop a platform for chemical research and development, specify and improve industry standards, focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, and lead green manufacturing.

The company currently has 4 holding subsidiaries, and has industrial bases in Xianyang, Hefei, Yan'an, and Shangrao, with more than 2,000 employees.

The company takes the state to provide strategic advanced material products and solutions as its original intention, with the business philosophy of pioneering innovation and pursuit of excellence, adheres to technological leadership and cost leadership under innovative business models, and continuously improves its core competitiveness through continuous improvement of management capabilities.

CaiHong Group Corporate Culture


Pioneering and innovative: the fundamental way for enterprises to take off lies in innovation. Rainbow is in the electronic information industry with the most fierce innovation, the most difficult to maintain competitiveness, and the most demanding system and mechanism. The development of the company is only fast but not broken, and slow progress and retreat. System and mechanism innovation is the prerequisite and condition for improving innovation ability. The system is not viable, the mechanism is not smooth, and high-end people cannot enter or retain. It is impossible to improve innovation ability, especially scientific and technological innovation ability, and it is impossible to achieve leapfrog improvement. . Whether a company has core technology and whether it can achieve breakthroughs in key core technologies in strategic and pre-concealed areas determines whether a company can continue to maintain its core competitiveness. Only by emancipating the mind, looking at the world, seeing problems, thinking things upside down with a new perspective, keen eyes, and open thinking, breaking path dependence and inertial thinking, striving to do seemingly impossible things, encouraging innovation, and tolerating failure. Only by letting innovation and vitality shoot, can the enterprise continue to thrive.

Pursue excellence: Does the true meaning of an enterprise's existence lie in what value it provides and creates for the country, the nation, and the society. Only by continuously "pursuing excellence" and being closely connected with the destiny of the nation can the rainbow develop and grow in the tide of the times and make a difference on the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. On the basis of open cooperation, we will continue to strengthen our leading capabilities in core areas. Through three to five years of hard work, we have made electronic glass the top two in the world, photovoltaic glass top three in the world, and electronic functional materials in the forefront of the industry in subdivisions. , The company's main business is fully profitable, and it has entered the "world's first-class" corporate array.